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The leadership of YASPC honors Captain Fayez Ahmed

The leadership of YASPC honors Captain Fayez Ahmed

Mukalla/ Dept.

Engineer Salem Ali Basamer, Chairman of board of directors of Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation, honored Captain Fayez Ahmed Ali Saeed, for his great efforts in training and qualifying maritime pilots in the port of Mukalla during six months.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors presented the “Shield of the Corporation” and a “Certificate of Appreciation” in recognition of the marine expertise provided by Captain Fayez in the field of pilotage and maneuvering of various ships of various sizes to the naval staff in the port in the field of pilotage.

Engineer Basamer praised the level of trainees in the field of guiding and improving their levels in guiding large ships, entering them into the berths of the port and anchoring them in the (SBM) outside the port, praising the efforts made by the captain Fayez in the field training on the various ships.