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Navigational Data

Navigational Data

Marine Data:

  Marine and Operational Data for Mukalla Seaport:

Basic Information :

A - Time zone: GMT + 3 hours.

B- (VHF) Wave Code: 16,13, 8:


General Features:

- Weather Wind direction: (Southwesterly) from May to September speed (15-30) knots / and (Northeast) from October to April speed (10 - 15) knots.

Water density:

Tidal Amount: From 0 to 2.4 meters.

Coordinates: long 14.31.29 late 49.09.00


Port Description:

Geographical Distribution of Hadramout Governorate: From the west, Shabwa governorate, from the east Al-Mahara governorate, from the north the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and from the south the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

 Design capacity: The seaport of Mukalla can accommodate about 1,000 containers. And There is a yard that was rented outside the port to store the containers within 7 km and a capacity of 8000 containers. However, as a result of the limited area of the port, direct towing of heavy equipment, registered goods and so shall be loaded out from the ships to the transport vehicles, and then directly outside the port.


Navigation characteristics of Mukalla Seaport:


A) Anchorage: 1-2 nautical miles from the breakwater.

B) Channel width: 207 meter

C) Turning Diameter : 230 meters.

D) Channel draft: 11 meters.

E) Pilotage: Experienced and efficient maritime pilots with scientific degrees.


Miscellaneous Machinery and Equipment in Mukalla Seaport :

1- Marine Tug :

The seaport of Mukalla has a marine tug dedicated to the country of ships, docking and guidance exercises:

    Tug Boat  (DANUM 61).



2- Number of (1) Pilot boat:

    Pilot boat (Tarim).

3- Number of (2) Mooring boats:

     Mooring boat (Aiban).

    Mooring boat (Saada).

Cargo handling equipment and mechanisms in Mukalla Seaport:


Services and facilities at the Seaport:

A) Bunkering:



Food Tools and Prints.

Trade unions.


Cleaning fees.

Spare Parts.

Relief supplies.


Oils making machine.

Fuel Run.

Light fuel.

B) Security and safety components:


Safety service.

Rescue operations.

Medical possibilities.

Fire fighting.