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Port of Mukalla

Mukalla Seaport:

Mukalla seaport is the only maritime port in Hadramout Governorate overlooking the Arabian Sea. The current seaport was opened in January 1985 in Khalaf area as a multi-purpose port serving commercial, fish and oil products for the governorate and surrounding governorates, where the designs of the seaport have been prepared on ships of capacity not exceeding ten thousand tons, but these weights have not been observed since the establishment of the seaport due to the urgent need to receive larger ships where the size of ships exceeded twenty thousand tons taking into account the draft which is the limit cannot be exceeded 8.5 meters.

Infrastructure of the main port:

Mukalla seaport - consists of three berths:

Berths                                         Length               draft

Berth number (1)                     177 meters           8.5 meters

Berth number (2)                     184 meters           8.5 meters

Berth number (3)                     162 meters           4.5 meters


Various Machinery and Equipment in Mukalla Seaport :

1- Marine Tug Boat (2):

A) The marine Tug Boat (DANUM 61).

B) The marine Tug Boat (MUKALLA).

2- Pilot  boat (1) :

A) Pilot boat (Tarim).

3-  Mooring boats (2) :

 A) Mooring boat (Aiban).

 B) Mooring boat (Saada).

  Cargo Handling Equipment and Handling Mechanisms in Mukalla Seaport:


Equipment  & Number

Mobile cranes 50 ton type TADANO    (1)

Mobile cranes 60 ton type TADANO    (1)

Trailers  (6)

Tractor  type MOL    (2)

FERRARI Tractor (1)

Container Reach Stacker  45 tons type FERRARI    (1)

Forklift 45 tons Type FERRARI   (2)

Forklift 45 ton Type TEREX   (1)

Forklift 5 tons Type KOMATSU  (1)

Container Spreaders 40 ft.    (4)

Container Spreaders 20 ft.   (4)

Sweeper type JONSTON (2)

Sweeper type IVECO  (1)

Fire Fighting Truck (1)

Generator 50 KW type PERKINS  (1)

Generators 214 KW type DOOSAN  (2)

Mobile Containers Generator with 20 Plug Reefers (2)

Generator 500 KVA type PERKINS (1)

Industrial Area Inside the Seaport Campus:

There are two large warehouses in the seaport yards for the investment companies. In 1997, part of the warehouse No. 2 located at the berth No. 2  was rented to Mukalla Raysut Cement Company (5468 square meters). Next to it is the cement silos that receive pumping through pipes of bulk cement, and inside the warehouse there is a cement packing plant. The other  warehouse located in berth No. (1) has been rented since 1996 to the Yemeni Cement Silos Company (8464.5 square meters) which is also unloading and packing inside the warehouse. In 2011, a limited area was leased in the seaport to facilitate the unloading of bulk wheat ships for Hadramout mills and silos factories.

Empty Container Storage Station Outside the seaport:

 Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation has solved the problem of limited container storage areas in Mukalla seaport with the increasing arrival of international shipping lines (MSC, COSCO) and (HORIZON SHIPPING LINE), where it leased container yard with a storage capacity of (2500) container outside the seaport 7 kilometers.

The outside yard contributed to the elimination of the problem of the accumulated containers inside the yards of the seaport and getting a space to move the mechanisms and equipment for loading and discharging smoothly, and provided a space for storing miscellaneous goods in safe areas inside the seaport.