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Future Development

Future Development

Future Development:

The coastal area supervised by Yemen Arabia Sea Ports corporation in four governorates is approximately (1231) km, where any commercial ports currently exist or that will be built in the future, the corporation is the direct administrative and supervisory authority.

The area of the coastal strip in the governorates as follows:

1- Al Mahrah  approx (339) km.

2- Hadramout  approx (278) km.

3- Shabwa  approx (159) km.

4- Archipelago - Island of Socotra  approx (455) km.

Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation seeks to expand the berths at the seaport of Mukalla and to construct new berths with large lengths and greater depth that would be necessary for ships currently expected . It can receive ships of different sizes that will discharge and load their cargo at the port through implementing the current development project of Mukalla seaport which is expanding the length of the berth number (1) as one of the choices as well as the rehabilitation of new berths.

Expansion of the port areas (Internal spaces):

In view of the general layout of the port, the open spaces are fully used for containers, including roads and traffic areas of cargo handling equipment. These are the remaining areas of the port as areas to be used after renting warehouses.

Where the corporation seeks to benefit from the unexploited squares of the port between the control and the fourth fish project in the event approved by the government and providing the project fund.

Options to develop the Mukalla Seaport:

Expansion of the port:

There are two options to expand the seaport of Mukalla proposed by the corporation:

First Option :

Extension of the main breakwater and construction of a berth length of 300 m along the berth number (1).

Second Option :

Construction of a new breakwater and construction of three berths for the back area behind the main breakwater.

Future Ports Projects in Hadramout, Mahara and Shabwah Governorates :

Arabian Sea Ports Corporation has made efforts to find funding for the strategic projects that the corporation has sought for many years to try to accomplish with the aim of upgrading the maritime and commercial work:

  • Construction of Barum Commercial seaport project in Hadramout Governorate.


  • Construction of Dabbah seaport in Hadramout with (B.O.T) system funded by private sector.


  • Construction of Qarma the seaport the Socotra Archipelago, funded by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development.


  • Construction of Khalfot seaport in Al-Mahra Governorate.


  • Construction of Qana seaport in Shabwa Governorate.