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Services Guide

General Services

 General Services

General Services :

The Corporation is pleased to provide its clients with the general services provided through its main head offices.

These services are:

(A) Licenses for Commercial Shipping Works Services:

Like :

  • Shipping Agencies Service License.
  • Fuel Bunkering Service License.
  • Chandlery Service License.
  • Potable Water Supply License.
  • Garbage Collection and Disposal License.
  • Dhows Agencies Service License.

Licenses are granted after fulfilling the required conditions in accordance with the regulations by His Excellency the Minister of Transport.


The client shall submit a formal application to the corporation chairman of the board, which shall give instructions to the administration of legal affairs to do the necessary procedures, as below:

  • Ensure that the client meets the requirements.
  • Ensure that there are no irregularities.
  • Open a file for the documents.
  • Submit a detailed report to the President of the Corporation for approval.
  • Payment of the prescribed fees according to the regulations.
  • Issuing the license.
  • The license period of issuance in the case of providing all the required documents is a period not exceeding 3 days.

Conditions for Granting Shipping License:

Article (16) The license of the Shipping power of attorney shall be granted to any person who has the following qualifications:

1) To be registered in the general commercial register of the Republic.

2) To be a Yemeni.

3) She/he has a power of attorney from a shipping company that owns ships operating or will reach the seaports of the Republic.

4) she/he has not been convicted in the Republic of the honor of the work.

5) Have the necessary experience in the field of shipping agencies.

6) She/He has a working capital allocated to the license activity of not less than ten million riyals.

7) To pay a deposit to the seaport authorities an amount of not less than ten thousand dollars.

8) Have an office equipped to work in the city in which the seaport is active.

9) Have an appropriate administrative staff with experience in the field of shipping agencies.

10) She/He has a license from the Office of Works to practice the profession.

11) Have a valid tax card.

12) Have a valid insurance card.

13) Have Al-Zakat card

Note :

In the case of a request of fuel supply and collection and disposal of waste license, approval certificate must be obtained from the General Authority for Maritime Affairs for and then submitted to the Yemeni Arabian Seaports Corporation.

(B) In the case of the client request of  Loading or unloading goods from the seaport, the following steps shall be followed:

  • Submit a formal request to the corporation chairman of the Board, which gives instructions to the berths and squares' management in the seaport.
  • Bring the shipping order or delivery order from the ship's agent to the financial manager to give the instructions to the Manifest Department to prepare the appropriate form as well as to the Revenue Department to determine the fees for the transaction.
  • To be reviewed by the Internal Control Department.
  • After the review, the client pays the fees to the Treasurer, and receiving the receipt.
  • The financial manager then gives his instructions to the berth department to loading or unloading the goods.

Service of Extracting Entry Cards for Individuals and Vehicles at the Seaport:

The client submits a formal application from the agency in which he works to the corporation chairman of the board. The application will be forwarded r to the security authorities for approval. The client then fills out a form and gives two personal pictures, a copy of the national card or passport and payment of small fee Yemeni Riyals. After this, the client gets the entry permit to the seaport.

In the case of the permit card for the vehicle, the same procedures shall be carried out with a copy of the ownership of the vehicle.